Can Cats See Ghosts?

Barky Wellings
3 min readMar 27

A Ghost Story?

Cat pretending he’s a ghost. Image from the author.

I don’t believe in ghosts, and I have sort of an “X-Files” conflict with that. I want to believe, but logically and scientifically, it just doesn’t work out. I feel there is always some other explanation. Maybe that’s why they call it the paranormal; apparitions and poltergeists defy reasoning. As for me, I just cannot reasonably accept it.

(That should be ok with anyone- this is how I and many others view religion. Heck, it’s how some view science and education these days!)

The following incident made me almost wish the phenomenon was real.

Image from the author.

Last Thursday night, March 23rd, was a typical night for me. Clothes and food were prepared for the following work day, the dog was walked, and the kids’ homework was finished at 11:30 pm- because they suddenly remembered they had projects to do.

The house fell asleep peacefully, with just the dogs snoring on their beds.

Sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 am, I was jolted awake by the sound of singing. It sounded purposeful- there was a predictable cadence and rise and fall of tone. In fact, I remember hearing it in my dream once or twice before I awoke and heard it coming from somewhere in the house.

This, of course, startled me. We presently have relatives staying with us, and I was afraid someone was making this noise in their sleep. We’ve had family members who had night terrors before, which in turn terrorized the rest of us. And the singing was loud. I was sure the others would wake up.

I got up and walked around the house. A bathroom light was left on, and that was unusual, but maybe someone got up in a twilight daze and forgot to turn it off. I was about to extinguish the light when I heard the song begin again.

It was not from any of the humans in our house. Instead, it was our cat, sitting on the washing machine, caterwauling proudly and loudly to an unseen audience. It was the same four-second song I had heard in my dream just minutes before.

Sleepily I picked her up, saying, “come on, you weirdo”, and noticed she was purring happily…

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