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I had a rough night. I woke up at about 1:00 am with severe stomach cramps, and after trying hard for about a half hour to deny it by using mind-over-matter Jedi techniques, I stealthily and sleepily crept to the bathroom. I didn’t want to disturb my girlfriend, who was snoozing peacefully next to me.

No, I’m not going to tell you what I did in there, what’s wrong with you?!

Well, I did make a lot of noise, but that was because I can’t see without my contacts, and as…

*Including Cents

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Just like anyone else who joined Medium, I knew that one day I would be rewarded for my quest to make money with… money. I had no idea how much that would be.

As of this morning, it’s $10.36.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking, “slow down! You’re making too much money! You’ll crash the economy!”

Well, take it easy there, money managers. There’s a little more out there. Besides, I believe the Euro is still stronger.

But Dogecoin?! You should get yourselves some treasure chests of those!

(Cut scene to a reporter asking me how I…

Excellent article! I'm glad you got to enjoy. I am a strong advocate for world traveling. I plan on publishing a piece about my latest trip soon. The price of flying is quite peculiar. Even from city to city within the USA, there seems to be little rhyme or reason for it (example: Chicago to New York costs less than Chicago to Cleveland at times, despite being within driving distance, or flights from Milwaukee, which is a much smaller airport, are almost always pricier than flights from Chicago). My experiences in Europe have been that it's a little expensive to get there in the first place, but pretty cheap and easy to get around from country to country once you're there.

I'm not sure how all that is determined, but I'm glad you've had the opportunity to enjoy your stay here!

Thank you!! I see you have outperformed my best month in all but 3 months. (Insert cry emoji) But, of course, I, like anyone else here on Medium, joined not for the intellectual reading, but to make piles of cash. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

To your next zillion dollars!

A totally male-biased, and therefore somewhat irrelevant, view on the topic.

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I have received some feedback on my first edit of this article, and I wanted to respond to that by editing my article for clarity and correction. Yes, it’s an apology. I think I let the bias of what I had heard from my conservative friends and family cloud my writing. And I don’t want to be one of those writers who follow the recent attitude that screams, “Too bad! That’s what I said and you’ll never change me,” or even, “well, my words were taken out of context.” No. I’m more interested in finding and writing about the truth…

Neither was e-mail, lol!

I get what you're saying. There was a significant change to local politics that directly affected my profession and my paycheck about 10 years ago. I was shocked how many "friends" I had to cut ties with because of their views- but more precisely the vitriol they were spewing. I disconnect from Facebook for a couple days back then, but decided I shouldn't be bullied from having my own voice. Facebook does seem to be dying, in a way. I've always admired those who didn't post serious, dismal, and political things. I've strayed from that myself. You definitely raise some good points here.

Ugh. That's another thing. Teaching and panic attacks are incompatible. I had those regularly during class, and the attitudes of high school kids (rather entitled ones at that) only added to it. I'm honestly still scarred from those experiences, and it's why I changed schools and disciplines. No, I wouldn't wish anxiety on anyone, either.

Your Story Haunts Me Like A Ghost

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I read the news yesterday (and I can’t believe I’m using Fox News as a source, but anyway…), and felt oddly sad about it. I’ve never met you, of course. I’m a language teacher in the Midwest, you’re a successful actor. I’ve never seen As The World Turns, because it isn’t my style. I’ve never watched Our Idiot Brother, because, well, I’ve never heard of it, honestly.

But anytime a young life is extinguished, it’s difficult to accept.

Suicide is even worse.

And then I read the possible motive: “crippling anxiety.”

Even as a wrote those two words, the voices…

Photo by the author.

Thank you, thank you very much

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